CD/DVD drive doesnt detect the game



I cant get my CD/DVD drive to detect the cd when its in. it works fine with normal cds but when i tried to load a game it wouldnt find the cd :doh:


Use the original disc then.


@eddie, MUCH more info is needed.

what drive?
what firmware?
what game?
is it an original or a backup?
what are the symptoms when you insert a cd?
does it read dvds fine?
does the drive spion with a cd inside or does nothing happen?
is this a new drive or was it working correctly before and suddenly stopped?
do you have any virtual drives or copy software onyour system that might be blacklisted by the game’s copy protection scheme?

there are some very helpful people on the forum, but they need some info to go off of.
“my drive won’t read cds” isn’t going to get many responses.

also, for future reference, cross posting (posting the same thing in more than one place) is not allowed on this forum.


reason I am reading the smptoms as that of trying to play/install from a back up, though I may be wrong, as he has said it works with “normal” CDs whatever that means. If he uses the original and the same problem occurs then he has a chance of an exchange as that to me would be faulty.


i thought his reference to “normal” cds meant an audio cd as opposed to a game.

this is why we need more info!


I agree, we’ll just have to wait and see.