Cd\dvd drive data not refreshing


i have very weird problem.

i have 3 cd\dvd drives:
cd rom atapi - acer.
cdrw - ricoh mp7320a.
dvd-rw - 110a pioneer.

i install the lastest version of Blindwrite 6.
since then, every disk i launch in the drives, the data is stuck and not refreshing.

for example:
i insert music disk and play it, after that i remove it.
but when the cd drive is empty, windows still show me the music disk data.
if i insert another disk to the same drive, the data is not refreshing.

the only solution i find out, is to re-install the ide driver (sis).
but the problem is coming back after every disk i insert.

windows xp sp2.


I have had this every now and then - normal Windows behaviour…

I never had this problems before.
i cant launch disks.


Maybe you should not have used a crack…

that seems to be a touchy subject in this forum, making comments of any kind about cracks :sad: :sad:

Well cracks are illegal.

yes they are. I got blasted lastnight by geestar20 by saying a badd crack can be the reason for dissabled program funtions, or limited use of prog functions, pretty much called me an idiot

Well, just because some software is making problems with your hardware doesn’t mean that the person has cracked that software… bear in mind tho that, indeed, cracks are illegal, but we should discriminate between “Trial-to-Full” cracks and “No-CD” cracks which IMO are harmless

That would be fine except I know he has used a crack, then something goes wrong and its the fault of the software…maybe he should not have used a crack at all.
Whats wrong with using the 21 day trial.

Some recording software has been known to mess up the refresh of the disc title in the drive regardless of whether you used a crack or not. The contents should refresh fine though. Maybe you should remove that Patin Couffin driver that blindwrite installs.


And tnx for your comments.
i didnt use a crack.

i install also the software magiciso, maybe this will give you larger view about my problem.

and how can i remove the “Patin Couffin driver” and how its will effect the blindwrite software?


Your logs show otherwise.

Uninstall BW6

BW6 will not function

what logs?

i didnt add any logs.

The logs you sent to VSO support…

Sorry but i can’t help it…