CD/DVD drive cant read all!

I have this problem…
my CD/DVD drive
a Nec dvd-r ND-3540A
cant read all the stuff i put in it…
like a dvd no problem, it can read ALL dvds
but CD’s some CD’s work, others dont…
by name: Unreal2, Diablo2 doesnt work
while Postal2 and some others do work
i have tested them on other pc’s and they work fine!

EDIT: no CDs function on it anymore…
although they did work before… like postal2
no CD works! none! only DVD

it all happened after this:

what is wrong here? :’(

Site for My Drive!


this might either indicate some rogue copy protection software/driver kicking in or a dying drive. See if you can grab a bootable CD (Knoppix, Ultimate Boot CD or Windows CD) and try to boot your computer from that.
Also you should try the drive in another computer.

More troubleshooting advice can be found here:

[I]P.S.: I requested to have this thread moved to the NEC forum since this is apparently not software related.[/I]