CD/DVD drive/burner won't read DVD-RW

Ok so i’m pretty new to DVD burning so forgive me if i sound like a dill.

I recently brought a new laptop for school, but since it came with a dvd burner i’ve decided to try it out.

On the list that tells me what’s in the laptop my burner is called “DVD Super Multi Double Layer 8x”, while in properties it’s called “TSSTcorp CDW/DVD TS-L462D”.

I brought a few TDK 4x DVD-RW, but my drive won’t even read them when i put them in, it just attempts to read them for 2-3 minutes then gives up, and it doesn’t come up when i look in my computer.

The driver has worked perfectly up to this point, i’ve put in all sorts of cd’s and dvd’s and it has read them all, but these are the first blanks DVD’s i’ve put in to burn stuff onto and it just won’t read them.

Any ideas? (Besides telling me to go buy some more, i’d rather fix the problem then keep blowing money on blanks)

You have to write something to them.
A blank disk is just that. Blank.

Question is …is this burner even capable of handling 4x DVD-RW media??

No, the drive isn’t [B]detecting[/B] the DVD, it says i don’t have anything in the drive when i put it in.

Well considering it’s supposed to be 8x i would assume so.

Your problem is that it is an COMBO drive, no dvd burner!!

case closed.

I understand.

Any suggestions to what brand of DVD burner i should buy?

I’d guess that an external USB burner would be the easiest/best option & those from LG & Liteon would be worth a look.