CD/DVD drive and External Hard drives don't appear



Hi, I have a problem where my CD/DVD drive does not appear in Windows Explorer. It is a NEC 3550A drive. I am able to open it and close it, but whenever I insert a CD or DVD inside it, nothing happens. I tried installing a driver for it (1.06) but all I get is a message “Target is not found.” or something like that. In addition, whenever I connect my external hard drive to my computer, Windows realizes that there is hardware connected (Safely Remove Hardware - USB Mass Storage Device), but there is no AutoPlay and no drives appear in Windows Explorer. It seems as if my computer cannot recognize any drives other than my two hard disk drives. These problems just started happening recently and I finally decided to ask about it. Any help please? I’d greatly appreciate it! :slight_smile:

BTW: PC Details - Dell Dimension 4600, 2x512MB Memory Sticks, 120GB Hard Drive, 60 GB Hard Drive, NEC 3550A CD/DVD drive, yeah.


I’m no expert but maybe you need to give more relevant information? Sounds like you added this component to your machine? If so that is one track. If it is original and worked for years, then I would suspect the unit has gone bad and needs replacing. Dirt and Corrosion causes 90% of electrical problems. Often, just taking the unit out of the machine and putting it back will solve some problems if you don’t bend a pin in the process.

More details. Good luck.


Even this kind of probekm happned with me. I just opted for refresh button then it got shown the cd/dvd as well as hard-disk icons. BU,t when the same problem repeats it has not been worked fo rme . THen I have reinstalled my windows on to the hard disk.


man my external dvd burner doing the same thing . its a sony drx50u if i insert a dvd cleaner it still wont recognize it all it says is “please insert a blank disc” i flash it once tried blowin the lens and switchted disc brand tried updating it and everything i hope i dont have to replace it can someone please help


Sorry guys I didn’t check my own post for some time. I fixed it myself. I didn’t really have anything important on the comp, so I decided to use the OEM Windows disk to reinstall Windows Home. It worked. Anyway, thanks for the help guys. I appreciate that you guys responded with some ideas. :slight_smile: