CD/DVD drive acting up

Hey can anyone help? i’ve been trawling the net for ages and can’t find a solution to my problem. If for eg. the game Stronghold 2 is in my drive and i take it out and replace it with say, Battlefield 1942 the drive would still say that stronghold is in the drive, if you get me? when i look at the drive in my computer it shows the previous games icon instead of the one that is actually in it plz help! :confused:

Thats a pretty wierd problem. It almost sounds like it could be an os problem. Is there any way you could try the drive in another computer to see if it acts the same way?

Yeah, that’s bizarre all right.
If you right click on the drive and select play, what happens?..does the disc start ok?..require a reboot?

It’s called “Auto Insert Notification” and there are about 1000 threads on it.

Here’s one that contains the answer.

Didn’t work, changed the binary vlues with regedit and all that happens now is that the name of the disk doesn,t come up in my computer. Also when i eject a disk now the drive no longer says there is a disk in it which is part of the solution i was looking for but now when i put in a new disk the drive just displays the old ones contents not the contents of the disk that is actuallt in my optical drive!

Do you have any packet writing software running, such as InCD? I had this problem. I uninstalled InCD and the problem went aeay.

Heard of packet writing software, not sure if i have any such software, I fon’t have InCd, but i have Nero, Clone Cd and Blindwrite. Also have Daemon tools but it never caused a problem before.

Incd is part of the nero software package. Check and see if it is installed and if it is, uninstall it (you should be able to uninstall it seperate from the rest of nero). Packed wrriting software like nero can cause all kinds of problems.

Checked but i haven’t got any InCd software installed!

DLA, DragToDisk ???

How can i find out if i have DLA software?

Do you have any SONIC software installed?
Also Direct Layer Access will turn up as DLA in your:
Control panel->Add/Remove software applet.

No DLA came up on the Add/Remove software applet, i found a program called express burn though but i don’t think this is packet writing software, i’m really grasping at straw here :sad:

Might be an idea to uninstall it if you don’t use it.
From the discussion forum for it, it seems like it’s rather buggy ->Might be a great idea to uninstall it

The demo version only burns CDR/CDRW’s and not DVDR/RW.

Also, make sure that Autoplay is enabled.

Download Microsofts “Tweakui” powertoy to make sure it is enabled.
There’s also reg hacks, but Tweakui makes it easy :wink:

Thanks, that worked i tried the reg hack before but nothing happened! It works almost perfectly now thanks so much :clap: :disagree: :bow: