CD\DVD counter Software

Hello, anyone knows a software to count\log the Cd\Dvd burning. I need control the amount of records in a burner. Thanks.

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Isn’t it simpler to count how many discs you have? Each disc is a burn, so 100 discs = 100 burnings

nero allows you to save logs, but you’d have to do this manually after each burn.

as far as i know there are no counters.

there was a thread about this previously…maybe if you tried searching you could see if that person got any advice, but far as i know i don’t think there were any software programs available at the time that would keep track.

geno’s way is the easiest. keep track of how many spindles of discs you buy and just mark it down on a sheet of paper every time you finish a spindle.

maye it’s time someone wrote a simple program that could do this. I know I’ve never kept track of my burns, but it would be interesting to see how many burns i get out of a drive before it dies.

other than that i can’t really think of any great reasons to use a counter.

Yes it is! But i have a cyber café and i have to know how many cds are recorded by my manager.

I remember the two threads referred to, and AFAIK there wasn’t any software to do this.

Might just have to keep a log book of some kind, for people to sign whenever they burn?

I already read that topic, thanks. “Someone could wrote a simple program” its a great idea. Well, im still looking for it. Thanks again.