CD/DVD Corrupt after burning

I am trying to archive some digital photos onto CD and DVD for my parents.
When I try to burn them using the wizard on the computer, it works for a while then the computer freezes up.
The disk (CD or DVD) seems to be corrupt after this happens. It shows 0 space available and 0 files.
This has also happened when the computer does not lock up.

Any ideas? I am at a total loss.
Any help would be appreciated.

Welcome to CD Freaks. :slight_smile:

Can you try to use ImgBurn [freeware; good for troubleshooting] and see if you still have issues? When you first run ImgBurn, select “Write Files/Folders to Disc”, drag-and-drop the files you would like to burn into the window [under “Source”]. Then make sure you have a blank disc inserted, and click the Burn button [with an arrow pointing from a folder to a disc].

Also, what blank media [brand, rated speed] and burner are you using? Also post an ImgBurn log, even if it does work. [After you finish your attempt to burn, go into the Log window, select Edit>Select All, then go back to Edit and click “copy”. Then paste it into a new post here. [If you cannot see the log, select View > Log]. :slight_smile:

Morning and thanks for the information. I will have to give it a try next week.
Will post an update then.