CD/DVD burning software (is it possible?)

Fellow Audio/Video enthusiasts,
Is it possible for CD burning software to actually improve the quality of the sound of the music you’re recording? I recently downloaded a product called Blaze Media Pro. and I swear that the sounds are cleaner, with better separation and tone. Unfortunately for me I find the software a little to involved and confusing and I am having trouble finding some of the little things I liked about other software (It’s also frozen on me a couple of times). Anyway if you have found a Software that you like that burns CD’s and DVD’s, that’s easy to understand and use and seems to improve the quality like I stated above. Please share with me it’s name, where you found it, and an approximate price.

Thanks & God Bless
Uncle Bob

ive just got new dvd burning software called cheetah dvd burner it claimed to be easy and it was. it claimed to be fast and it was. it also lets you burn between speeds for example 1.5x 2.5x amazed by it honest it really works. but others could have probs its not a sure thing is it. but you could give that a try i definatly rate it. only prob i had is u have to name the disk so for dvd i named it dvd_video and no probs at all. as default its named new disk and caused a play problem but u learn by mistakes dont you.anyway have a look if its not for you then fine but i have tried all the top names clone nero etc and this beats all for burning you can find it at good luck mate.

Try this, 321

                             the best yet


I have karaoke vcd but I wanna make them to DVD. I’ve tried it but I cannot change the audio to left/right. What software can I use to have the options to change?

Another problem is with the .DAT file I have. It seems that I cannot add to nero to burn as DVD. It says error. When I tried open with virtualdub. It says pack syncronization error. Are there any software that can let me open it and re-code it so it can be burn to DVD movie? Your help and advise would really help alot. Thanks!!