CD / DVD burning software for win 98

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I’m new to these forum’s so please excuse my ignorance.

I’m looking for some burning software for windows 98 and was really looking for some advise please, I’m told Nero burning 5.5 is compatiable with my OS but I’m not sure.

also could you please post suggestions for any free burning software if any, I don’t intend keeping win98 much longer so if I can get away with using something free short it would be benefical.

Am I likely to encounter any problems using a Samsung DVD burner?

thanks all


When I bought my CD burner a couple of years ago, I got an OEM version of Nero 5.x, and it worked fine on Windows 98. A friend of mine uses an old version of WinOnCD on the same operating system and is very satisfied with it. Both of them cost money, however.

But maybe you want to check out what I just found on Google:

It seems to be a free CD burning tool that also works on Windows 98.

If you want a free version of WinOnCD read this thread, first post

thanks goes to a²°

i believe nero 5.5.10.x or higher (perhaps even 6.x.x is necessary) is needed to burn DVDs, but i have for my CDs on 98 - works great

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I believe you might have problems if expect to Burn or process commercial DVD movies with Windows 98. Windows 98 FAT 32 file system will not handle any files larger than 4 GHz in size. Most commercial DVD movie titles are over 4GHz in length.

Windows 2000 and Windows XP use the NTFS file system, which will hand files larger than 4 GHz in size. Recommend switching you operating system from Windows 98 to either Windows 2000 or Windows XP if you are anticipating on working with commercial DVD movies.

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Thank you all for you great responses.

Can anyone recommend where I can get Nero burning Rom please, I’ve tried installing Nero and I keep getting an error at the installation stage telling me I had to update some files before I could install the software.

One main point I forgot to mention was that the system was Win98 1st edition not second if that matters.

thanks again

** Win98 Gold (First Edition) vs 98SE won’t matter - except you may need some updates (CSP1, etc - i can point you to them) …the only thing SE can do that Gold can not - is ICS (don’t worry)

Start menu | Run DXDIAG
use ALT + PrintScreen to capture to clipboard, open MSPaint and Save as JPEG if necessary - but PNG is preferred, yet you should have IrfanView installed or similar to do the conversion…don’t need MSPaint if IrfanView is installed - it’s free :wink:
– save as a PNG file and post the screenshot (using Manage Attachments once you click “Go Advanced” in the Message box area) - choose Browse to your saved file and choose it and click Upload

** Fat32 file size limitation is 2GB on 98, and 4GB on Win2K/XP systems (not GHz)

** - > Do you have a DVD codec installed ? (DVD Player software ?)) - this is necessry to even watch DVD-ROM on your PC

** Dunno about the “Files you need to update” yet - but if you tell us “which” files it says you need - we can point you in the necessary direction :wink: be specific here.

** my version came bundled with my CDRW drive when purchased

** My system was built with a DVDROM drive and came with DVD player software and the necessary codecs.

** I think i recall ONE decent free codec - will find it if necessary - but post back the files Nero says it needs (and any error messages)

** HOld onto 5.5.10.x - we’ll get it installed :slight_smile: - and Tell us your intentions, as far as burning only CDs – or DVDs as well, and if you have a DVD Player app installed

BTW - there’s a FREE built in DVD player on the 98 CDROM , do you have a 98 OEM CDROM, or Full Retail version - or just an Upgrade version ? you still need that Codec though, but i can find it if necessary. I’ll tell you how to extract and install the DVD player later :slight_smile: after we sort out these issues a bit - and you post back detailed answers

Wow :eek: thx for the reply again.

Basically I run a paint/decorating shop and use a DOS application for invoices etc that is networked between to computers, up until now I’ve always used a 100MB zip drive to back information up, we have recently found the information in the application will soon exceed that of the zip drive.

Since a CD/RW - DVD/RW are now so very cheap we thought we would invest in a drive for backing up purposes, to be honest although I have purchased a DVD/RW I’m probably only going to need the CD/RW facilities for a while, so I’m only really after some software that will allow we to copy files into and burn straight off onto a cd.

The other problem I have is that we are very reluctant to connect these two computers to the internet as they contain 1000’s of entries for customers including payment details etc.

When I tried to install Nero it stated I could use windows update to retreive the missing file so I will have another look at it later and document the file it is looking for.

thank you very much again for your input and sorry if I’ve not given you enough information this far


yeah - do NOT connect those PCs to the Internet, especially without a Firewall – and Router is a MUST.

The updates can be d/l on another box and burned and carried over to those and updated…you can d/l an UNOFFICIAL SP (Rolled up) for Win98Gold or FE (FE=First Edition) from Here
it’s around 19MB - need to create a free account…why ?
See This
it’s still in Alpha 2 stage, but as the few testers have noted - no issues on fresh Win98 installs, and then some

there’s another site for updating win98 SE (Second Edition), but as far as i can tell so far, you have win98 Gold (or FE = First Edition)

or you can just go to MS site for typical CSP (Customer Service Pack) See here …you’ll notice the author participate in the thread linked above

post some specific info if you can and i’ll continue to try and help :wink:

Do us all a favor and Make Backups…IOW - do as little as possible to get your CDRW/DVDRW working to make backups

BTW - you can prolly get a CDRW drive for $30 and it’ll come (RETAIL ver only) with an OEM ver of Nero - a safe alternative to Make Backups first, since you rely on those systems for work , and they contain ‘critical’ data

also - i think there are FREE CD burning apps out there … have a look around these Forums :wink: