CD/DVD burning problem

Hello! I’m stuck on something I needed help on. I downloaded a .mdf file and I want to sent it to another computer via CD. It’s too big to put on a CD so I used a DVD and Nero 7. However, it says (This is my first time doing anything with a DVD) that the type you selected can’t be written by the hardware or something and said it could copy it somewhere else. I clicked “yes” and after a surprisingly fast burn period I put the disc into my other computer but it wasn’t being read.

I have no idea what happened, so I suppose there was nothing on the DVD. My question is this: Can I use Alcahol 120% to

a) burn the .mdf file to a DVD
b) Split the file so I can burn it onto 2 CD’s?
c) anything else that I haven’t thought of

Thanks, Vertigo

a .mdf file is an image.

just burn as an image.

the exact message you got that you clicked “yes” to would be helpful.

and i hope this is a legal download or you shouldn’t be asking about it in th efirst place.

Thanks, the problem is on the 2nd step Alcohol 120% says “Prepare your CD/DVD recorder”, but everything is grayed out. The only 2 settings I can change are “number of copies” and the checkboxes beside “silulation” and “write”. The “Start” button is grayed out too so I can’t go any farther.

Did I do something wrong? Do I have to configure some settings? I can post a screenshot if you need it.


I found another bit of information I think may be causing the problem (About Nero not putting anything on the CD’s I mean, not Alchohol 120%):

It isn’t copying anything to a disc, and it says “image recorder”. There is nothing else in the drop down menu. In the normal CD mode, there are 2 options, Image Recorder and a disc drive.

Anyone know if I can fix this?

You have only a cd burner or your software only supports a cd burner (bundled). How should a cd burner be able to burn on DVD?