CD/DVD burning for dummies


I am just starting with CD/DVD-burning and do not know what software I should use. Could people give me their views on which SW I should consider buying/downloading or simply direct me to the right place to get advice? EasyCD/DVD is pre-installed on my system and I have heard of Nero but that is all I know at this stage…


DVD Shrink to compress the disc. Its very easy to use and free. If you have Nero, you can use DVD Shrink to burn directly to the disc.

I do not have Nero, do you think it is worth buying? I have started doing some reading on Nero and I wondered if the OEM version was good enough or if I should get the full feature version? Finally is Nero good enough for video editing or should I get a dedicated SW?


Try a goggle for Nero 6-

Saw the full Ultra version on a sidebar for $20-


Don’t forget about copy protection :wink:

You can get an OEM copy of Nero Express 6 on Pricegrabber for $6. Good for most burning tasks, including Shrink. You can upgrade to the latest verion on Nero’s website.

nero rulez

I think Dvd Shrink takes care of that too.

So Nero is the best product out there I guess… Is their Nero Digital codec good or should I use something else?

nero diital is based on MPEG-4, same as DivX and XviD, however it looks better, and is very fast encoding (about 45mins for a 2 hour dvd to mpeg-4) but bare in mind you need to go to the advanced settings and make sure that “Simple Profile For QuickTime Compatibility” is checked, this will make it playable in most MPEG-4 players.

ben :slight_smile:

So, basically with Nero and DVD Shrink I will have all I need… That’s great!

I would try Alcohol 120% for CDs and AnyDVD, CloneDVD2 for DVDs. You can try these software and decide whether you like them or not. They are user-friendly and effective.

Thanks Alex Thyl. Is AnyDVD the equivalent of DVD Shrink and CloneDVD2 the equivalent of Nero? I was also wondering what is the difference between using DVD Shrink and using Nero Recode for compressing discs (if any)?

I’m trying to do bitsetting/book typing to change a DVD+R to a DVD-ROM using Nero Ultra 6 (Version Nero’s site mentions that the software can perform bitsetting/book typing, but I can’t figure out where in the software to do that. The software’s manual, help section and the the associated PDF doc files that come with the software do not mention anything about bitsetting/book typing. Does anyone know how to do bitsetting/book typing using Nero Ultra 6?

what brand of dvd drive have you ?some dvd drives have auto-bitsetting [ pioneer & optorite for example ] so you wont need to concern yourself about it. however, i think the option is displayed in nero burning rom/recorder/choose recorder/options

AnyDVD takes care of the protection, region, etc. found on the DVDs. CloneDVD2 actually does rest (rips, burns). So it is easy. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Install AnyDVD and CloneDVD2. Reboot. Configure the software to your needs.
  2. Put the DVD in the tray that you want to backup.
  3. Clcick on AnyDVD. The lil fox-head will turn to grey and back to red. Done.
  4. Click on CloneDVD2. Choose the way you want to make a backup (1:1 or custom selection (menu, languages, subtitles, etc.)).

AnyDVD is a driver that works in the background, so actually you employ only one software, 'cause you don’t have to do anything with AnyDVD.


So it is essentially a Nero+DVD Shrink vs. CloneDVD2+AnyDVD contest… Has someone ever run a poll to see which combination CDFreaks’ members are using as their primary DVD backup tool?

Yes, there were polls.

Where can I see them? I have tried using the search engine but could not find anything relevant…

I know Nero has alot of uses & users but I couldn’t get it to work on a clean install with XP Pro before putting any other video applications on the PC. Their “support” was no help. I have found DVD Decrypter to do alot for me including basic DVD copying. I’ve only been doing this for a few months & I know I have alot to learn but that program got me up & running & I’ll probably stick with it. Someday when I have more time I may go back & try Nero again but not for awhile.

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