CD + DVD Burners NOT Burning.. Any Thoughts?

Okay, I have been a IS Manager for years and have worked in computers most of my life. This one has me pure stumped. Wondering if anyone has any thoughts here?

I have a brand new cd burner, a pioneer dvd burner about a year old, and I just bought a brand new dvd burner a NEC AD-7170A. The cd burner and pioneer had both been working fine before this problem started.

System is plenty fast for the drives. Running Windows XP with svc pack 2 and all available updates installed.

Have tried to burn with Nero 7.7 and also Roxio also newest version. Neither work. Both programs will go through a burn process and neither will successfully verify the burned info and a cd burn will not read in either of my three computers and a dvd will burn, fail verify, yet will play on my dvd player but with tons of errors.

I have reloaded this system with the bare essentials to eliminate the thought of corrupt system files or some flukey thing.

I have changed the brand of cd’s and dvds twice. Im relativly sure it isnt the brand of disk as I have been using the one brand for years with no problems at all.

The problem:

Every disk I have tried to burn fails. CD’s or DVD’s. I thought the new cd burner might be bad off the shelf. So I took that drive out. I thought maybe the pioneer might have gone bad since it is about a year old so I bought the NEC. You guessed it. Same problem.

My next thought was that I had a virus. Mcafee, PC-cillian, and Norton dont find one.

I changed the cable that the drives are connected to. I removed all the drives except the new one. None of that worked either.

Anyone have any thoughts??

Need more info just let me know. Thanks in advance for the help.


Welcome to CDF:

Are the jumpers set correct? Are the drives using UDMA mode? When you installed all the drives did XP find new hardware and install fine? Are you using 80 wire IDE cable? Are you using MS drivers for all the drives?

Jumpers are set correctly. Checked those. Drives are using UDMA mode. XP found the drives fine and installed the drivers fine as well. 80 IDE cable is being used. The drivers Im using are the MS Drivers that installed automatically.

Thanks for the quick response as well.


What’s the Burst Rate on all the drives in Nero CD-DVD Speed?

Edit:You could try uninstalling the IDE Channel(s) the drives are on in Device Manager and reboot.

I have been working on this problem for about 2 weeks now and to give you an accurate burn rate answer on the cd drive and the pioneer would be a lie. The new NEC though has a burn rate of 16x. Now I tried it on that to start with and then tried it again at 1x. I did try the pioneer at 1x too to try and rule that out.

Uninstalling the IDE channels tho is a new one to me. I will try that now. Thanks for your thoughts.


Burst Rate not Burn Rate. Anyway did uninstalling the IDE channel(s) work for you?

Maybe someone else want to put their 2 cents in?

If you’ve got 2 IDE channels try swapping them over. It’s not unheard for an IDE channel to go.

Try reseating your memory chips & maybe run a memory test. I think there’s one called Memtest or similar.

WHICH DMA modes?