Cd/dvd burner

This is my third burner that malfunctions. It burns fine, but it won’t open after about 4-5 months of use. I have to manually open it with the pin 7 out of 10 times. All three were different brands so I don’t think the problem is brand. My ROM works fine. No malfunctions. Just the burner.:sad:


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So what is the purpose of your above Forum posting?

Is there some type of ‘Information’ you are expecting or anticipating to receive from CDFreaks Forum Members?


Yes, I’m looking for some reasons and possible solutions to my problem. Can you help? Should I look into external burners? Why after multiple uses should this happen!
Dazed and Confused!

@ sam521,

Perhaps if you provided some information on exactly what Computer you have it would be helpful. What type of interface -PATA or SATA- does your Computer support.

What were the Manufacture Name and Model Numbers of your pervious 3 Burners? How many times a day do you open and close your Burner? Do you manually close your Burner by hand or do you push the button to close your Burner?