Cd/dvd burner "which one"

I need to buy a cd/dvd burner,one that is firstly, a good cd burner.I have a
pioneer 212,111d and a asus 1680p2(110pioneer)Also a burner that can work with cdtest.In Australia there are not a cdburner only available although advertised they dont update there sites,for instance sold me a Liteon 2039v cdburner as new IT WAS 18months OLD.
My system is a asus p5 dual core2, 3gig of ram running XP, burning software
nero 7.2, VSO and clonedvd2
I have read conflicting reviews on nearly all, that points to what seems a personal preferance with a brand’

Well LG, Sony, and Pioneer work well for me! JMO they are excelent drives!!