CD & DVD burner problems in Vista

Ever since I installed Vista I’ve had CD problems. I have re-installed Vista a couple of times with the same problem.
I have a Sony Dru-840A Firmware SS001 & and a no name IDE-CD R/RW 4x4x32.(Nero’s info tool gives no more info than that-the same as the bios & Windows.) I have Goggled every # on the case with no success.The Cd is a slave to the DVD. The Cd has become worthless, it won’t read or write.It is recognized but it can’t recognize a disk.I’ve tried swapping different burners and Cd-Roms and it stays the same. I’ve UN-installed the drivers and rebooted to reinstall-no joy.I’ve installed the controllers and windows re-installed
separate drivers for my 2 HDD’s and both my burners.No change.I’ve swapped out other CD-Roms with no change. Drives worked under XP.
The DVD-RW works to a degree. It will read & write DVD’s but gets problematic with data disks. (I have a lot of zip files on cd) It will start to read and copy to HDD but will quickly degrade in copy speed to a point that it no longer reads the disk.Using Drive Check from Sony was interesting. It would only run incompatibility mode XP SP2. It tested the DVD-RW as working perfect-which it doesn’t. It reports the CD-RW passes everything but the read test.Again wrong.
Any ideas?

I use Plextor Premium for all of my CD stuff. Plextor, BenQ, Pioneer, and Samsung all work in Vista 64 and 32 Bit for me. All are PATA drives.

Actually a Sony DRU-840A is a Samsung SH-202. I have an SH-S202J. Vista likes it. Maybe you should try changing firmware.

Did a clean install of Vista Ultimate-no change. Then I installed Xp and guess what-both drives work just fine. Riddle me this one Vista freaks! (I realy do like it I can solve this and the nvidia drivers problem, but one thing at a time.:bow:

@ PorPorMe,

When running Vista perchance did you install the Vista Service Pack 1?


yes I did-my interest has just been pricked-why would that make a diference?