Cd/dvd burner only burns one disk, and then I have to reboot to burn another

Hope I arrived at the correct forum for my question.

I’ve been having a problem with my DRW-1608P burner.

I can usually burn one CD or DVD (audio, data, or movie backup). After successfully burning one disk, I try to burn another, and about 50% through the burn, I get an unsuccessful burn message. If I reboot, I can then burn one disk, and at the second attempt to burn a disk, the same thing happens, an unsuccessful burn. I’ve tried several brands of disks (Sony, Memorex,TDK) and they all have the problem. I’ve used several programs including Nero 7, Roxio, Sonic Record Now and DVD Shrink, and the problem keeps occuring in all of the programs.

I’ve tried uninstalling and re-installing both the hardware and all of the software programs, and yes I do have the latest drivers for the DRW burner.

My system used to have no problems and I can’t quite pinpoint when it all started going wrong, but I know it did work fine at some point. Could it be a (excuse me if I’m a bit short of knowlege) memory buffer or some type of cache problem?

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By the way, I have also tried burning in Safe Mode (XP Sp2), and it’s the same problem. I have saved the error logs, but didn’t want to clutter up the message board with it at this point.

I’ve been having the exact same problem with the same drive (also XP Sp2). Any suggestions? I’m ready to just get a new drive as this one has been nothing but problems.


I just noticed the previous posts were about a year old. Sorry.

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What brand/model burner do you have?

Thanks! I have the Asus DRW-1608P. I’ve updated to the latest firmware for the burner. My mb (Asus A89-SLI Premium) has the latest Bios. The burner is set to use UMMA4. Also, XP SP2 with all the updates.

Another problem it’s doing is it will only record 1.8 Gigs onto DVD+R (Memorex) while doing a back-up using Mcafee’s Total Protection suite. The complete back-up I did used 9 discs. Each one burned to exactly 1.8 Gig then stopped.

I’m really tempted just to get a new drive, but I wonder if the problem might be something else a new drive might not fix.

Thanks for listening.

Another thing which happens is when I try to do a back-up using iTunes, it burns one disc fine. Then when I try to burn the second disc, it stops and I get an error message saying I’m trying to burn at too high of a speed. I’ve tried it all the way down to 2X, and still get the same problem. Dangit!!!

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Memorex media is a bad choice. Try with other media, eg. Verbatim and TY.

That seems to be the consensus on this forum. I think I’ll take a quick trip to Fry’s and get some Verbatim.


Solved the problem. While at Fry’s I got an LG burner.

It works beautifully. I might cry :bigsmile:

I’m considering taking a sledge hammer to that Asus hunk o’ junk.