Cd/dvd burner issues

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So about a year and a half ago I bought an Averatec (don’t grimace) 3200 series notebook. It has actually been pretty good for what we use it for. However, I have done a fair amount of burning with it (the drive is the QSI SDW-042, which I’ve recently found out has not gotten rave reviews) using DVDShrink, Nero and Itunes. As time has gone on, it has gotten gradually slower and slower burning CD’s and especially DVD backups. Now it won’t burn a clean copy of a CD. It comes out with skips. I read in several forums today about how crappy this drive is and how many have had to be replaced.

So my question is: Do you think I need to replace the DVD drive? If so, does anyone know what would be compatible that doesn’t suck? If I don’t need to replace the drive, what do you suggest I try to correct the problem?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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Do you ever defrag your Hard Drive? I would try the simple things first. It could be that your drive is due for the bone yard if you have used it a lot.

My old dvd burner would only burn a good copy if I shrank it below 3gig anything beyond that would skip. I blamed everything but the drive till mine broke (so I thought - it had something stuck in it) my new Pioneer burns on the old media all the way to 4 gig (it may go further but I haven’t needed to push it that far).

I haven’t. What do I do?

And if it is just fried, do you know what a suitable replacement would be?

Make sure that:

a) Your writer or ripper drive is in DMA position
b) You hardrive has enough empty sapce available for the ripped file to be rsided
c) Try to defrag your hardrive
d) Try to delete all the temp files in the temp directory
e) Empty you Recyle Bin

To defrag your hard drive -
Click on "My Computer"
Right click on “Local Disc” ©.
Go to "Properties"
Select "Tools"
Cick on "Defragment Now"
If you have never defraged your hard drive before this should speed everything up a bunch. Whether or not it will fix your burning issues is yet to be seen.
Edit: As long as you are on the “Tools” page you should do a “disk cleanup” first. Just let it throw away your “Temp” files and your “Temp Internet” files, and your “Recycle Bin” files.

a)don’t know what this means, how to do it
b) done
c) done
d) done
e) done

i did a disk cleanup and defrag, and it still burns with some skips in it. any other ideas. and again, anyone know another dvd +/- r drive that i can put in my averatec?

Follow the link in my signature to do this.

so i’m doing this and the secondary channel was pio only so i switched it. but out of curiosity, what is this actually doing?

Its a matter of tranfert speed:
UDMA 2 (Ultra-ATA/33) 33.3 Mo/s
UDMA 4 (Ultra-ATA/66) 66.7 Mo/s

Mode PIO
Mode 0 3.3 Mo/s
Mode 1 5.2
Mode 2 8.3
Mode 3 11.1
Mode 4 16.7