Cd/dvd books

I have a cd/dvd book from best buy. it holds 300 somethin discs and it was around $30. i also have a cd/dvd book from supermediastore that holds over 500 which was about half the price.the material feels the same but i was just wondering if there is any difference in protection quality or is the only difference the price?

I know this isn’t what you were asking, but I wanted to say first that for practical purposes your average cd/dvd storage binder is just fine, but many do not recommend them beacuse of the possibility of scratching/damaging the data side of the disc each and every time the disc is removed or replaced.

jewel cases or dvd boxes are probably the safest storage, but with the number of cds/dvds many of us have they are just not practical in many cases.

as long as you’re careful when you remove and replace the discs they should be protected.

and as far as your actual question about which is better, we can’t really tell you that without knowing the brand of the product or the actual material that the disc sleeves are made from. If they feel the same then they probably are…in many cases you’re more apt to find better deals on things like that online than at best buy so i’d be willing to bet that the only difference is price.