CD-dvd behaving oddly

My Pioneer DVD-RW DVR 111D is playing up. It is retaining the image of the previous loaded media in the hard drive cache so that when I put new media in the drive it does not “see” it, but displays the previous media. The annoying thing is i thought I had cured this problem. I found a thread on CD freaks where exactly the same thing had happened. I downloaded the latest firmware and flashed it (is that the right terminology) and the problem seemed cured, but now it is back again. What do i do now? I tried to flash it again, but XP simply said I already had the latest firmware?
Any solutions please, gurus?

You don’t say what burning application you were using. Also, do you have a link to the thread you refer to…?

It sound like not a fault of the drive, but of the burning software.

That problem is usually generated by crapped drivers or 3rd party softwares.

Go into devicemanager, then uninstall ide drivers and restart.

Here is the original thread.

as this thread says…the problem is probably junk drivers…I don’t think burning software is the issue as it happens with game cd-roms, as well as my own burnt media.

Will try the IDE uninstall

Do I uninstall all three IDE drivers? Device Manager shows primary channel, secondary channel and SIS5513 UDMA controller.
What happens after I reboot?

Do all and try to find updated IDE drivers for the SIS chipset.