CD,DVD, and virtual drive not wkring

OK something weird is going on. MY CD burner, DVD burner, and AXV CD/DVD SCSI CdRom Device (achohol virtual drive) are not working on windows xp. Its gotta be software related, cause they show up in the boot sequence. I tried uninstalling achohol to no prevail. Any ideas Anyone? :confused:


PS. i hope this is the right thread :slight_smile:

with that much info i cant really help,define not working please

my apologize, Windows can’t read them at all. not any of the drives. They show up as not working and in the info in the device manager its a error code 19 saying they can’t be read by windows cause of the registry. :slight_smile:

I found a fix guys!

Click on Start>Run and type regedit then press Enter.Then navigate to:

Highlight this key by left clicking on it once.
In the right hand side window, delete the values Upperfilters and Lowerfilters if present.