CD, DVD and Blu-ray drives have been too expensive for years due to cartel



We’ve just posted the following news: CD, DVD and Blu-ray drives have been too expensive for years due to cartel[newsimage][/newsimage]

Eight optical drive manufacturers have been fined by European Commission for cartel. The companies informed each other of bidding strategies for contracts for drives sold to Dell and HP.

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2004 to 2008 would have been the height of popularity for optical drives, so there was some incentive for them to push the boundaries and try to get by with illegally manipulating the market.

Ironic that they are being fined now for what is very nearly obsolete tech.


and dont forget that the recent ‘Trade Deal’, TPP and others that are in the pipeline or under discussion, will make this cooperation between companies a lot easier and there will be no chance of exposing who is doing what that screws the public (or other companies) because of the included ISDS clauses! if those who are still in favour of this and other deals, it’s time to step back and take a serious look at what will happen should the deal(s) go through!!


I paid $425 for my first cd burner around 1998.  Paying less than $100 for a bluray burner seems a lot less painful.


Zod, same here. Paid $500 for an HP burner around the same time. Made my money back by selling burned copies of movies and Windows 98SE Upgrade. I’ve copied more stuff than Chinatown.


The collusion is the PRIMARY reason why blu ray drives have been largely an UPGRADE option added on to a PC or laptop, and NOT purchased with one… and you still see this today,nothing but the most expensive desktops & latpops dare have a blu ray drive.

That said, flash memory and broadband have largely made the need for optical media moot.
Still, by now, even the latest bdxl drives shouldn’t be more than $40 at retail and are around $100…
The technology matured enough to come down this far in price… but hasn’t due to greed. The downturn in the pc biz also is a minor factor but should also have pushed down prices faster as a result instead of maintaining high niche prices. DDR ram makers have had the same luxury over the last decade as well… densities & prices remained flat (high) for nearly the last decade (in part stalling the mini pc & tablet/cellphone markets too for keeing those ram chip prices high too)


… and they fine them now? WHY?
it was good for all those years and suddenly?!

Looks like the EU is on cash hunt again - crooks chasing crooks!

Maybe they need the money for VW coz without financial aid VW will go broke (diesel scandal) and that means too many lose their job and income. All this because the old DDR took over Germany - not the other way round.


That’s an interesting way of looking at it Millennium12!
What use (apart from your reason) is a fine going to do, well none. the most annoying thing is, Blu-ray burners are still bloody expensive! Too expensive, what do they do? Gold plate the things?


Blue Ray writer are ~$100-150 in Australia … not bloody expensive! The blank media is more of an expensive exercise costing ~$5 each coaster.

This is why I am still not doing data backups on Blu Ray DVDs even it can hold much more data.


I have no idea what $100 -150 Australian dollars is worth compared to UK £. When you consider I can buy a very good quality DVD burner for about £12-15 and a Blu-ray burner is around £50 it semms way out of line to me.
Blu-ray discs aren’t that bad here, although they don’t exactly give them away with your cornflakes. I use BD-RE discs, hence no coasters.
As these things are supposedly near the end of life, I cant see any of it getting cheaper.
The choice is, stop using it and backup to hard drive. I hate that idea, I’ve noticed loads of my hard drive backups have become corrupted. My burned discs have not.


Hey vox,
The pound is about half to the AUD hence a $100 burner is ~50 in pounds but you can google that too :wink:

Not really an indecent price tag to me

I actually do backups to hdd, to usb stick as well but once a month I backup to DVD+R just to be perfectly safe. I’ve no data corruption issues but usb3 sticks can be notoriously unreliable.


It’s actually quite hard to work out what the price is in a different currency, because it’s not easy to know what the cost of living is. On the face of it the prices for Blu-ray burners is about the same, but is $100 the cost of a loaf of bread, or a tank of petrol? I was considering the price here compared to DVD burners. Blu-ray burners have been around a long time and should be much cheaper by now, unless the price was being fixed.

Yeah, I agree, memory sticks are not very reliable, not even the very expensive ones.

You get Blu-ray coasters? what burning software do you use? I use BD-re discs just in case, but I’ve not had more than a very few coasters yet. DVDFab and Clone BD. Both work fine.

I don’t know why the HDD copies get corrupted, I have tried MK5 and the usual BD format. They start out OK, then months later a lot of them either won’t play, or the audio gets loads of drop outs. All the drives I back up to are WD veloceraptor enterprise verities, I don’t know what’s happening there.


I still use my Plex Premium. LOL


Cost of living is pretty high in Australia? much of a mixed bag

okay not dragging OT here

As already mentioned earlier I don’t have a BR writer - BR blanks are too expensive and my ordinary DVD writer is still fine for me. No special dvd software here - using win7 built in is doing nicely.

WD 'raptors? maybe too fast for music or too old :wink: