Cd/dvd acting weird

Hello everyone,

I have a generic Lite-On DVDRW SHW-160P6S CD/DVD player. I haven’t had any problems with it before last night. The problem is that it won’t recognize CDs. On the other hand, it does recongize DVDs. Go figure… :confused:
It will not burn to a cd even after I placed a new cdrw in it. I deleted the driver and restarted windows (xp). I had winxp look for and update the driver and it doesn’t need any. I looked to see if there was a problem with the “device”, within System Information - Hardware, and there isn’t. When I right click the D drive and go to properties, everything is just fine. It won’t recognize a music cd I put in it, but it does recognize movies. It will not recognize a game program either. It will not recognize blank cdrws but will recognize blank dvdrws. Furthermore, I looked to make sure all of my connections are ok within the computer. Anyone got a clue? What gives with this? :confused:



Is xp sp2 with all updates? Have you tried a regualr cd -/+ r? Also what is the firmware of your model unit? What kinda of blank media are you using? And what software are you using to read or play the media? What happened prior to not being able to read the cd media? Also how old is your model unit production? Did you make sure you didn’t get a rootkit or malware installed on your system? I know Sony did that to some of their music cds before stopping from customer complaints.

Again, I don’t know what that is. My wife only plays her card games on the computer and sometimes gets online to check her email or instant message. I’m the computer geek in the family and I’m pretty much know what I’m doing, but obviously don’t know everything.

Since I have another computer I’m going to swap cdroms and see what happens. If hers doesn’t work on my computer and mine does work on hers then it’s the drive itself. If not then it’s obviously something else.


Goto --> START



–> SYSTEM (double click)

Now your in “System Properties”

Click on tab “HARDWARE”


Look for your CD/DVD rom model and write down the model exactly. Then right click it and “UNINSTAL” or “DELETE” it.

HOLD your computer’s ON/OFF button until shut off(about 5 sec.)

When you reboot your WinXP should tell you that it’s found new hardware, Wa-lah. D/L a new driver from MS or search the web for updated ones. (If you don’t have a specific install disk)…

This might save you from having to tear apart your computer for nothing…


OK - I did this and it didn’t change anything. And, I also changed out the dvd player with one that I know works and when I tryed to reboot it wouldn’t let me. The screen kept saying to “insert system disk and press enter to continue.” So I did that also. I inserted the winxp disk into it and nothing happened. It kept saying, “insert system disk to continue.” More weird stuff. When I went into CMOS to see what was there, CMOS wasn’t event reading the hard drive or the “good” dvd player. Why would it do that? A dvd is plug and play material so why would it do that? I also put the bad dvd into my “good” computer and it still has the same problem. So I’m of the opinion that something is wrong with the dvd player. OK a new one is cheap enough. But why would my other dvd that I know works not work when substituted for the “bad” dvd?