Cd duplication/ manufacturing anyone?




i'm thinking/looking into getting in business doing this kind of thing and was wondering any of you fine people had any info that you might want to share with me. like i've seen alot of these places ive seen online do it, but i dont think they actually make the cd's themselves, it looks like quite an expensive/technical task. maybe they do, but i did some searching online and alot of these places refer to "our manufacturer", as if they're the middlemen between the consumers that want cd's made and the manufacturing plants that actually make them. any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated.


I’m sorry but i don’t really understand your question. What kind of cd’s do you want to make?


i’m basically wanting to start a business in cd manufacturing/duplication. audio cd’s to start off with, and then cdrom’s and other things from there. not cd-r’s, actual cd’s. i’m just not sure where or how to start.


i’m thinking your gonna be needing a hell of a lot of expensive stuff, plus your gonna somehow persaude sony etc that your cd duplication/manufacturing is better than the ones they already use.


hmmm. probably. but i’ve seen a few sites that say they are “brokers” and i’m guessing they kinda outsource the work to the actual cd manufacturing plants and printing pressers. but i’m not totally sure.


Don’t get caught!


> Don’t get caught!

I Think He Means doing it legally, there are plenty of companys that require small runs of cd roms to distribute data to customers etc


i dunno where you r from, but romstore offers this as well.