Cd dumper anyone?

Hi guys…simple question.
Does anyone of you know a software that “dumps” (copies) all the files off a cd to a folder without letting know the cd’s owner of the process…it’s similar to the usbdumper program…
Thanks!!! :bow:

Welcome to the forum [B]justcduser[/B]. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I understand what you want to achieve. Could you give more details? :confused:

the program that i am looking for is a tool designed to copy files off any cd drive inserted to a computer by making a complete image of the drive that without that the owner will notice of that…example:my wife has a secret cd that contains files that i want…she doesn’t want me to see those files (i guess they are pps or pictures of some kind) so i want a program that will basically run silently and will dump the files to a certain folder that i will enter in the “dump” option of the program without letting her know that those files are being copied.

It has to be like RAWcopy but that copies automaticly the cd when it is inserted…

So basically you want us to help you in getting access to information that doesn’t belong to you, which you have no right to access, and you want to do this without getting caught?

Did I leave anything out?

Not more then; “I would kill that guy”. :a
My property is mine and my privacy.

[I]Edit,[/I] regarding post below, it’s not funny at all. :stuck_out_tongue:

Funny DrageMester :bigsmile:

DrageMester…basically yes.
Look…that cd of my wife is driving me crazy…if there is a program fine,just help me…if not i guess i will have to find a way to physically steal it…and then discover that it was nothing…
thx anyway…

I think you may find some helpful information here. I suggest you read it.

I see…i am really sorry,i didn’t want to break the rules…
please delete this tread.

Woa. I won’t help you do that :bigsmile:
EDIT saw that this has already been handled. :slight_smile:

Well Pinto…I was not refering to the guys “situation” as funny, but DrageMester response.

Sorry…did not mean to offend.

But of the situation and as a man who has been married to the same wonderful woman for a very long time… I would just like to add…respect your wife’s privacy…and hope you get the same respect in return.

Again…very sorry if this was taken the wrong way by any one… :bow:

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