CD Driver dont works

[qanda]This thread is about the AOpen DRW4410. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hey.

My CD Driver does not works anymore. It works perfect for a long time, but since a week it does not see an CD when I put one it in. I was looking around a bit and I found this:

I was searching and asking at some people to help me. But nobody knew it. Someone sended me to this website. So anyone know what to do?

(Sorry for my English I’m Dutch.)


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Did you install some software just before the problem arose? Maybe some virtual drive software like Alcohol or Daemon Tools? Try to uninstall these software and see if this solve.

Try also this one. Shut down the PC, unplug the molex connector from the drive, and boot it again. Once windows run, shut down the PC, plug again the molex connector and boot the PC. Windows should identify again the drive and install automatically all needed drivers.

Thanks for welcome me. ^^

I allready tried your second option, but it don’t works for me.

And for the first option, thanks. Even I don’t know if I still got the software. Maybe I should buy an new driver. But I can look if I still got the software.

Thanks for your help.

[B]Geno[/B] is not telling you to install any software. He says, if you installed any of virtual drive software to uninstall it as they could interfere with the drive.
Otherwise all drivers are usually in WinXP or Vista to run DVD drives.
It could be that the drive just gave up.
Try to uninstall the drive in Device Manager, shot down, wait 10 seconds and restart Windows, if everything is OK they will find the drive and reinstall it.