CD-drive wont read laserlok

A friend of mine has a fairly old CD-ROM drive, and bought a laserlok protected dictionary on CD. Problem is, the CD drive doesn’t recognise the cd as being the original and won’t install. When trying to copy the entire contents of the drive the computer just locks up.
Does anyone know what to do about this?
Tnx in advance,

I am not sure that if you could run that program from harddrive.

Anyway, if you want to copy entire contents you need to enable “hidden or system file viewer” and try to copy without one directory… (I do not remember what it is but something like “laser”… you will see there is hidden directory…)

possible solutions:

  1. change your cd-rom drive with a new one capable of correct reading of your disc

  2. find a software patch for the program (can be not so easy for your software),done a copy of your program and run it from the copied disc

  3. copy ALL the contents of the cd in your hd and use a “mirror” software that can shadow your cd to hd like CDSPACE