CD Drive? What CD Drive?

I need help. I stepped up to XP Pro (sp1), so then I decided I needed to upgrade my Samsung CD writer firmware to work with that. I thought it went well but after a later reboot it didn’t recognize it. It gives the message (code19) config info is damaged. Other places it says bad driver or something. Samsung gave me the good advice of “Purchase a new one.” I did that thinking I just fried the drive through the firmware upgrade. The new Sony Cd Drive I bought gets the same message. It is the only cd drive in the PC.
I am hoping I just need to restore the right drivers and Inf files.
Can anyone help me with this?


I did a search on and found this:

(The other codes are here
Your registry may be bad. (Code 19)

To check your registry, click Check Registry. If the registry is bad,
Windows will restart your system and go back to a previous registry
that is good.

Solution button: Check Registry

This code means that the registry returned an unknown result.

To resolve this issue, follow the recommended solution, which will run Scanreg.exe. If this does not resolve the issue, type “scanreg /restore” (without quotation marks) from a command prompt. Finally, remove the device from Device Manager, and then redetect it using the Add New Hardware tool in Control Panel.

Although it says Win95/98 at the top of the page,
It could be closed to this…