CD Drive Spin-Up: Want Complete Control

OS is WIN98 SE.

There is an app called CDSpin (www.genx-tech.
com) which is suppose to keep your CD drive
spinning to the max for as long as you want.

This should help allot, particularly with all
CD-RW discs that are filled with data files.
You select one of thousands of files,
your drive slowly spins up, the file opens,
and the motor immediately spins down.

I don’t care if the drive wears out quickly.
I want it to spin-up and stay that way.

I’m wondering if I really have to buy this
app. (Can’t find a crack, either.) CDSpin is
probably performing one or more Registry
hacks that keep the drive spun up.

Does anyone know how to do these Reg Hacks
(or create a file, script, etc.)??

Surge :confused:

Why don’t you use DriveSpeed ? It has the same features and better it’s free! You can d/l it from (for more info check here).

BTW: DriveSpeed is also present in Nero 5.5 by default…