CD drive refuses to burn cds



hi everyone… have a paroblem burning cd’s, hope someone would be able to gimme some clues:

Ok… have tried Nero 7 ( start smart), Itunes and windows inbuilt cd burning software, but none of them work.
All of them, allow me to select/add the audio songs/ mp3s, and then start the burn process. however, at 100% burn, the cd starts stalling. Instead of giving me a sign which says ’ burn process completed successfully’ it just goes on and on processing… at the end of it, it fails the burn process.

Details of my cd drive: its a Philips CDRW/DVD SCB5265

Just cant figure out whether the problem is with the hardware or the software!!!

p.s. have checked the drive properties, and the cd burning property is enabled

Help… :slight_smile:


Well first off make sure Nero 7 Incd isn’t installed. Also what kind of media are you using and what is the burn speed your burning at? Another test is take out the unit and put it into another computer and see if it burns from that computer then you will know if it is still working or not. Also make sure you have the unit firmware updated as well. When did you start having that problem and when did you install itunes?? What was installed first Nero 7 or Itunes?