CD Drive Reassembly

I jammed the drawer on a Teac cd-w58e CD Drive. I was able to remove the drive and open it up but as i opened the case a small disk fell out of it which I do not know where to put back. I assume it fits in a bracket the transverses the cd disc midway, right above the hub. The disk must stabilize the cd as it spins, floating loose between the bracket and outer casing.
I did manage to get the drawer snapped back in it’s correct position.
I have some other drives here so I opened them up to compare but they were different. The bracket holding the Hub Disk is mounted to the outer casing. I don’t have another Teac to compare to. I made my best guess and reinstalled the drive. It then made a clattering noise and could not read the cd so my guess was wrong.

If only I could get a hold of an exploded view of the drive, I could put it right.
I’ve checked the Teac site and none was listed so I emailed them.

Ha anyone else seen what is inside of a Teac drive.

I know a relacement drive would be cheap but I have no funds
Might one of these other drives (panasonic, Smart and friendly???) possibly work? I cannibalized an old HP to get the Teac that is in the computer(emachine t1120, XPhome) now.

No Suggestions Huh?