CD Drive Problem

Okay this is might be hard to solve since I’ve waited so long to look into it. Several months ago (like over 6-7) my CD drive stopped working. Now what I mean by that is, it will open and close but it refuses to read any cds. It will not run any of them. Now I can’t remember doing anything at the time that it suddenly happened that would cancel out a drive. I’ve tried deleteing the drives and rebooting, but it has no effect. Can anyone tell me what’s wrong with this thing?

its dead

Your drive is most likely dead. You might as well try and update/reload your firmware. Doing that fixed my DVD-ROM when it stopped reading.

Okay, well how do I update it then? I can’t use cds, so do you know any sites that can do that or do I have to send it back to the company?

Right-click your cd drive, choose properties, and then the hardware tab. It should show the brand and model of your cd drive. With this info, you can go to the manufacturer’s site and download the firmware.

My disc drive is Maxtor 6Y080L0, and my DVD/CD-ROM Drive is SAMSUNG CD-ROM SD-616E. Now is it Samsung or Maxtor that I have to look up? Sorry but this stuff is like explaining … um calculus to um … a brick. Yeah.

Isn’t that Samsung drive a DVD-ROM? I’m sure I had the same model in an eMachine.

That’s the one you could try finding firmware for, BTW, not the Maxtor. :slight_smile:

However, going by my experiences with that model, I’m inclined to agree with slayerking. The drive was temperamental as heck for me. :wink:

If your your computer is a Dell and it came with this DVD-ROM, then use the DEL F502 firmware. I don’t know what MMM stands for. The COM firmware is the standard version DVD-ROM. To install this firmware, use the flash utility

I’m really confused as to what to do here, it seems like anything I click on sends me to an error page with ?'s everywhere.

Anyone? ;(

The links work. Try another browser I guess.

The RPC1 link works for me, but the Samsung link gives an internal server error (HTTP 500).

Oops, I didn’t check on that link. Here’s a working link.

Oh, that working link, I clicked on that before but I didn’t understand what to do when I downloaded it.


Now what?

Ok, the flash utility lists your current firmware as F01. So, going down the line, it looks like the latest firmware that is compatible is F09. Right-click and save here:

Start the flash utility, press the openfolder button at the top and choose the firmware you downloaded at the link above. Next click that button with the computer chip to the right of the open folder button and it should load up the firmware. Finally restart your pc, and if you’re lucky your dvd-rom might work again.

I downloaded the 509 thing, but when I open it in the flash utility it says its not compatible.

That’s weird. I thought that would be the right one. Try reloading the same firmware version then:

If that’s incompatible … try all of them :confused: It’s not like you have much to lose. :iagree:

Page error, wont even let me download. And I don’t know how to get them in the first place, so how will I know if im clicking on the right thing?

Go to the RPC1 link I gave earlier.

See if any of the COM firmwares work (right click + save) - since it looked like they should’ve been compatible based on what you have currently. The flash utility will let you know if the firmware you are trying to load is incompatible - as it did earlier with the F509.

Ugh, well either they didn’t let me download it at all or they weren’t compatible. Now what?