Cd Drive Problem

I’m not able to burn CD’s. Playing games and such works fine, but burning CD’s is nowadays out of the question, as when inserting a blank CD, the comp hardly doesn’t even notice it. I’ve looked in Device Manager and Event Viewer for anything weird, but havn’t found any, I also have deleted the Value Data from the LowerFilters in the registry, but that didn’t work either. I created a virtual drive in Alcohol 120% a while ago, and it worked fine. Couple of days ago I removed it though, thinking that would solve my problem, but it didn’t. My comp is just a few months old.

Except for maybe removing the drive, reboot, reconnect the drive and reboot, letting XP find the drive again, what else is there? I know nothing about computers so if you happen to have a solution, please explain it as simple as possible.

Thanks in advance!


What is the brand and model # of the burner?