CD drive only reading audio CDs after iTunes installation



My CD drive is only reading audio CDs after installing iTunes. The drive is recognized in My Computer but won’t read a data CD. I did try a program CD (happened to be for my printer) and that did launch.

Initially my CD burning software (Veritas RecordNow that came with the computer) refused to run, citing a .dll error. I downloaded the .dll file and now the software runs, but still won’t recognize a disk in the drive.

I’m pretty positive the conflict is somehow related to iTunes since everything was working up to that point. I have an HP Pavilion 503N running Windows XP. The CD drive is a Mitsumi CR-48XATE.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the CD drive with no change. Searched for new firmware and updated drivers, no luck. I have edited the registry to remove the Upper Level and Lower Level entries (I think that’s what they’re called) with no change.

I tried to backup my iTunes library through iTunes but received burning errors 4280 and 4251. I never could complete the job (multiple disks required). iTunes is the most current version (only one ever installed) 7.0.216.

Thank you all for any suggestions!


:confused:[B] After spending days on the phone with HP because my BRAND NEW HP PC cd/dvd drive “did not exist” on my computer, the last technician asked me if I had installed ITUNES. I had. So, I uninstalled ITUNES and my CD/DVD ROM was recognized. WELL, I reinstalled Itunes because I had seen no similar issues from Apple re; drive failures. Well, again, I cannot use the cd/dvd rom at all because the device manager lists the problem as a CODE 10–doesn’t exist. Apple nor HP has responded to my concerns…I REALLY NEED TO KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON!!![/B]


After I installed iTunes, I can no longer ‘see’ a disk that is in my removable disk drive. I put a program disk in, went to My Computer, clicked on the drive and get a message to “please insert disk” … after I uninstall iTunes, the drive works perfectly. I have installed/uninstalled i-Tunes several times during the past year and get the same problem. This sounds similar to experiences of some in this thread. Please let me know if you have found a way around this and/or fixed the problem. Thanks.


No news about this bugged software. :frowning: