CD Drive not working

I am running WinXP and I have the following problem. I had a SCSI CD-Rom drive installed, which worked quite niceley. I removed it and installed an IDE DVD drive (NEC 5800A) so I could watch movies. The DVD function works flawlessly, but the drive does not recognize Audio or Data CD’s. I have tried uninstalling the drive, updating the driver, uninstalling the driver, updating the BIOS, yelling obsenities at it, and finally drop kicking the box (:stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone got any other ideas? My propellers appear to be broken.

Don’t know if you have another PC to test this new drive in it. It’ll be interesting to see if the same behavior occurs in that other PC (hopefully running the same OS or have similar configs).

Make sure that you have the Master/slave jumper on correctly. If you have another drive on the same ide cable unplug it if possible and try. You are using a 80pin ide cable with the dma set to on in the bios right??

Thank you both for responding. I checked the drive out on a friend’s system (one that I knew worked) and found the same problem. I took the drive back and got a replacement. The new one works just like it is supposed to work. Don’t you just love odd hardware problems.

—Propellers at full throttle again—