Cd Drive not registering with computer

Ok guys, I’m hoping you can help me here. I’ve got a Gateway laptop runnign vista I bought not six months ago. Now here’s the issue. My dvd/cd disk drive vanished from my device manager and won’t read or even register as existing.

I know it isn’t a hardware problem because I got it to work last night thanks to a microsoft quickfix download thing, but when I booted my laptop up today, no dice, its gone again, and the quickfix says it already did what its supposed to do. Now I tried system restoring a week ago, no dice, I tried doing a “sfc /scannow” in my run program, no dice, and I’ve tried to manually find the driver, but i have no idea what to call the drive, and I can’t ask my device manager obviously. The only thing that shows up is my virtual clonedrive for mounting .iso files.

Now typically I know what I’m doing with computers, but I’m stumped. Any advice will be tried and appreciated.

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Also, do drive reapear when you remove emulating software like “clon*”.
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Sorry mate, I’ll check again but most of the threads I found got sorted out in a manner that doesn’t really work for mine. Again sorry, I’ll check again tho. :iagree:
EDIT: That was the fixit thing that solved the problem LAST night, but today, eh it says it did its job, and no dvd drive for moi…

Link in English (execute the File)

[QUOTE=B4B;2408485]Link in English (execute the File)[/QUOTE]

Again, this fixed it last night, but not today when I started my laptop up today. Thanks for the response tho!

You have a software/driver problem not a hardware/“cd drive” issue.

Try this tool and post a pic of window shown.
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Ok well here we go. Screen-cap.
Thank you ahead of time this seems promising. What do I do now.

Also, do drive reapear when you remove emulating software like “clon*”.[/QUOTE]
No, unfortunately I tried uninstalling and even reinstalling.

@ hehfire,

From the “Screen-Cap” information posted in your above #7 posting you have the Clone Virtual Drive installed on your Computer.

You need to fully and completely remove ALL Virtual Drive, Disk Image Emulating, and/or ISO Imaging software programs from your Computer.


Why? It worked for months with it on there. And I did that, as I say in the post previous yours. I uninstalled it twice already. Didn’t do anything so I put it back on so my sis can play sims 2.
EDIT: did it anyway. Nothing again.

@ hehfire,

In some Configuration instances Virtual Drive, Disk Image Emulating, and/or ISO Imaging software programs have known to cause various Conflict Error problems such as “CD/DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs”.

Is that a good enough reason to suggest to “fully and completely remove ALL Virtual Drive, Disk Image Emulating, and/or ISO Imaging software programs from your Computer”?


That “why” says it all. :flower:

Some here still remember the magic “hide drive” function on emulating software like Deamon Tools, CloneCD, Alcohol*x…
This function is still there but not always that easy to seen, the thing is you have to check your settings more in detail for any emulating software installed. :smiley:
In some cases even a simple thing as iTunes can cause same behaviour (I don’t use iTunes and never will use a tracking app’).

@[I]helfire[/I], please, even if we all are not professors, there is always something new to learn. :wink:

BTW, hope moderators can move this thread to a neutral emulating software section. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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Twas just asking. :slight_smile: Anywho I uninstalled everything related to Virtual Clone Drive and Iso files. Still no dice.

Please don’t think poorly of me, like my edit said I did it anyway, I was just curious as to why, to learn and all that. I’m checking for any other programs but I see nothing.


could you please run ImgBurn, attempt a burn and post the log?


Log as a .log file.
Log as a screen cap

Ok. Not what I assumed.

Btw you can attach logs and screenshots directly - so they are easier to use. (see my signature)


Ok well I tried taking it out, making sure connections are fine, and it clearly is. My drive will eject and everything but not show up in my computer.

Also when I took it out and put it back in it worked for awhile, but hte next day it was gone again.

Ok problem seems to be resolved.

Simply put it somehow got bent outward in the back, so if you screw it in, it doesn’t register with the port. So I unscrewed it, and I’m leaving it unscrewed, and it seems to work perfectly fine.

Thank all of you for your help, I really do appreciate it.

@ hehfire,

Perhaps if you fully described exactly what your “somehow got bent outward in the back” statement actually means your above recent #17 posting might possibly make some sense. What “got bent outward in the back”?


Sorry guys. Had a busy last two days and fractured my toe in three places.

I fixed it. Problem was the back of the disk drive which anchored it via screw was bent out, which made it not link up to the port. So I just unscrewed it and pushed it in the whole way, and am being careful with it so it doesn’t fall out. (It would take a very large force to remove it, even without the screw anchoring it)

Basically it was bent so it didn’t register with the proper port, and didn’t fit in properly when screwed in. Unscrewed it and pushed it in to fit properly, and now it works. Hope I made sense.