Cd drive no spinup


I’ve got what seems to be the same problem with two completely different drives;

One drive is an CDROM drive 40x IDE
The other is a pioneer DVD drive 6x SCSI (the ones without tray)

They sit in each their pc.

What happens is when i put in a cd, windows xp detects theres a cd in the drive (the mousecursor gets that little cd by the pointer)…
but the drive never spins up… the first drive sounds a couple of clicks, and does nothing more.

The other drive doesnt give those clicks, but the mousepointer also changes.

I have tried taking the drives out, taking them apart, and putting them back together.
That did the trick, the drives both worked fine, the first for a day, the second for 30 mins.

Whenever i take them out, and put them in again, they work again… but they stop again, after awhile.

Have anyone else experienced this, and is there a solution?

PS: I have already tried cleaning the laser eyes in both drives.