Cd drive help!

Hi i was wondering how much hassle can a cd drive take. Im a sound artists making a piece using lap tops - I want to continously burn and erase a cd for about ten days ( roughly six hours a day) and I was wondering will this burn out the drive?? Would slowing down the write speed help and also giving the computers a break within the six hour time period be enough to keep it running okay? Im really worried about this! any replies would be hugely appreciated!

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Certainly burning too much can damage very fast a drive. If you leave at least 10 minutes between each burn to cool the drive, maybe you can burn many times.

Another issue is that a rewritable media will degrade very fast if you erase it too many times.

Isn’t it simpler to do all tests in your HDD, and then burn only final results?