CD Drive Freezes

Hi everyone. I have a problem with my CD drive. It’s a DVD/CDR/CDRW drive. When I put in a cd, the drive freezes up and will do nothing unless I reset the computer. Sometimes it does read the cd, but other times it freezes up on me. Any advice? Thanks

How about a bit more information:

  • make/type of CD (CD-R, CD-RW, CD-ROM)
  • is it trying to autorun
  • make/model of drive
  • OS

I have a Sony DVD-ROM DDU1621, and work in Windows XP. The cd that is causing me the most trouble is a CD-R. Sometimes, my Warcraft III cd will also freeze in the drive. sorry about the lack of info.

So, are you having problems with just a few CD-Rs, and others work fine - or is this all CD-Rs?
Have you checked if the CD-Rs can be read OK in another drive?

I am wondering if the CD is auto-running when you insert it and there is a problem with the program. You could check by turning off auto-run, or rebooting the computer with the cd already in the drive - are you able to see it in windows explorer then? If you can, then try running Nero CD-DVD Speed - Scan Disk.

I cannot play any CD-R’s on the drive. The drive freezes up. I can read the CD-R in my burner drive. When I put the CDR in the DVD drive, the cpu freezes and I can’t even read the drive through explorer. I’ve tried turning off autoplay, but the cpu still freezes when I try to open the drive. I can’t even shut down the cpu when this happens, i have to hit the restart button before the disk will even come out. Normal CD’s work most of the time. Is my drive going bad, do i need a new one?

I am having the same problem. I Tried running Nero CD
I have a Windows XP Professional, Intel 3.0Ghz HT , JLMS XJ-HD166S DVD-ROM drive, GEforce FX 5700, 512Ram, 80GB SATA, Lite-on CDRW 52x24x52x drive. thanks, will appreciate your help.