CD drive doesnt read dvd

I have a proplem where my Cd drive doesnt read Dvd / bluray CDs
Here is my System info

My Cd driver product name is
tsstcorp dvdwbd ts-lb23d

This is a laptop dvd writer with blu ray rom support apparently.

You can try running the Microsoft fixit program for optical drives, though I’ve found it to be generally ineffective.

Does the drive show a yellow exclamation point next to it in Device Manager?

You can try uninstalling the drive in Device Manager, reboot the machine and let the operating system find the “new” hardware.

many times when a computer optical drive is not “Seen” by the operating system the problem is refered to as the upper and low filters in the registry.

I have tried… maybe 5- times to fix it via reg-edit method and the best result I’ve ever accomplished is no change in the situation.

Quite often I end up with a DEAD OS installation that cannot be rebooted
so typically I start attacking this problem by installing a program called "Speccy"
and opening the tab for “operating system” this displays the OS installation key.

My next step is copying as much data off the drive as I can access.

Then I reach for an OS reinstallation disc

My thought is I can spend hours farting around with a sick OS installation
or I can reinstall from a clean formatted drive in about the same amount of time.

My object is to get the computer back in service (and off my bench) as quickly as possible.

Though USUALLY I recommend doing the “clean installation” on a shiny new hard drive (excellent time for an upgrade!), that way all the original data is left intact on the original drive.

If you reinstall on the original drive… well… data that is over-written is gone forever

Clean the drive properly, there is no other chance.