CD drive does not read rewritable CDs

I have the foll. CD drive: HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-T50L SCSI CdRom Device, on my laptop. I understand from googling that the manufacturer might be LG.

When I insert a read-only CD, the drive is able to recognize the CD and play the songs on it. However, when I insert a RW (rewritable) CD, the drive does not recognize such CDs, and so cannot play or burn any songs.

The laptop is an HP Pavilion dv-6. Around 6 months ago, a hardware guy had formatted my earlier OS (Windows Vista 32-bit) since it was acting up, and had loaded up Windows 7 32-bit. I tried using the CD drive only now, which is when I discovered the problem.

I have another laptop (a Toshiba, with Windows 7 originally loaded) which can recognize both types of CDs - read-only as well as RW, and play the songs on both types.

I have tried the various solution options put up by Microsoft on this link, but none of them have been able to solve the issue.

Hope to get a solution in this forum.

Welcome. :slight_smile:

When you say read-only CDs work, does that mean CD-R (write once) also works?

Yes, by read-only CD, I meant CD-R - the drive reads CD-Rs and plays songs burnt on them.

Any chance that your cd-rw’s are created with packetwriting software,like,for example,Nero’s InCd or Roxio’s DirectCd ?
Or,in case you burned those with another program,could it be that the discs are not finalized?

No, I burnt those CDs using Windows Media Player, before the upgrade from Vista to Win7. Before the upgrade, I was able to play all those RW CDs on the same CD drive, without any problem. So, it wouldn’t be an issue with disc finalisation.