CD distortion only in car


I didn’t see this topic covered anywhere on here, so I’m wondering how common it is with others.

I notice that burned copies of CDs for some reason distort in my car’s cd player and only in there. They play fine in my home system, no sweat. However, when I play them in the car, it makes a semi-constant distortion sound, similar to a turn table needle that is really dirty or speakers that are blown.

Has anybody else experienced this phenomenon with burned cds? I used to think my cell phone was causing some odd interference, but I now notice it happening and I don’t even have my cell with me.

ARGH! It’s not like I have a crappy system in my car or old.

Any ideas out there.

Thanks…have a good one.


Problems with car stereos and backup CDs can often (not always) be prevented by using better quality media and/or lower burning speeds.

Hey again-

I hope I didn’t break any “rules” of posting. I looked through the FAQ but it didn’t address my problem. I’ve tried various brands, expensive and cheaper, and it doesn’t seem to address the problem.

The original source isn’t distorted from what I can tell, so that’s why I turned to the forum for some possible insight.


It is possible that the laser is out of alignment in the car deck creating the distortion. Is it only burnt CDs that have sound problems in the deck.

I hope this helps

When you say expensive media, what media are we talking about here, expensive doesn’t always mean best. Have you tried using an Audio cd-r.
What speed are you burning the cd-r’s at? I only use 4x for my brothers in car system.
What audio CD are you trying to copy?
What CD burner are you using?
What is the length of the CD (ie if i go past 70 mins my brothers in car stereo strugles to play the last couple of tracks).
What in car system do you have?

I have not tried Audio CDR. I just got my new computer, it has a fast burner, I’ll have to look at the speed. The burner I believe is made by Sony for Dell, but I’ll have to look at the literature.

I am trying to copy songs that I downloaded a while back MP3s, and I notice they play without one bit of distortion in home system.

The length of the CDs varies between 45 to 60 minutes, usually. I try to keep them well under the 80 minutes of space supposedly allowed.

I have a Clarion 4475 in my car. Never have any problems with any CDs that come from the factory ever. It only seems to be ones I burn that distort in my car.

Thanks again for your post…Rake

Hi rakestr
If my memory serves me right - the 4475 is not a MP3 player. You must them be coverting the MP3. I have had the same problem with some of my MP3s that have been converted to audio CD. There are some programs who convert the MP3s that will correct the audio volume before burning. Hopefully someone else on the forum can direct you to the right program.
I hope this helps

Nero will do this, unsure why this is happening really. Does the burnt audio CD play fine in a normal CD player (Hi-Fi)? If not then its the conversion thats causing the problem and distortion. If it plays fine in a normal Hi-Fi then its your car setup that doesn’t like the disc, as I said earlier burn at 4x this will more than likely clear your problem, but some in car CD players just refuse to play burnt CD’s.