CD Dimensions: reputable?

I was checking out because they are listing in the starting post for the Bargain Basement under US retailers. Didn’t see much when I searched the forums for CD Dimensions. Lots of mensions for accaproducts and rima.

CD Dimensions seems to have pretty good prices for Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim DVD media.

TY unbranded silver lacquer DVD-R 4x 50-pack: $57.50
TY unbranded silver lacquer DVD-R 8x 50-pack: $73.50

Verbatim silver lacquer DVD-R 4x certified on spindle 100-pack: $100
Verbatim silver lacquer DVD-R 8x cakebox 100-pack: $108

I know you can sometimes get TY media cheaper if you get OEMed media they have manufactured for other companies. But it’s such a pain to search for deals and not know until you buy it and get it home and read the mediacode whether you actually got TY media or something else. TY makes some of the Fuji DVDs but if you mailorder it’s hard to tell what you’ll get. And while some can recognize TY packaging at B&M outlets, I’m not sure I could do so.

Is CD Dimensions a good retailer? Have those who have ordered gotten what they ordered and been happy with their customer service?

I see accaproducts and rima have similar prices on TY and Verbatim. Would folks recommend acca and rima over cd dimensions.

Is there an inexpensive source for branded TY and Verbatim DVD-R media?


I am not sure about cddimensions, but i get alot of things from and i have not had problems with them. Heck, they even have a few stores, so if you are lucky enough to live near 1 you could just go there and check. They have alot of dvd media and cd media, so just check them out! :wink: