Cd Digital Protection Problems!

Hi everyone. I recently tried burning some cds with Nero and was unsuccsessful. The cd’s couldn’t be recognised by both my dvd rom and dvd burner. There is an arrow sign on all these cd’s that says ‘copright control’ digital copy protection’ These cd’s will not play in all pc’s.For example,this happened on ‘red hot chilli peppers greatest hits.’ How can I get past this if the copy protection stops my computer even reading and playing the cd. Is there a way around this new technology? Anyone!Thanks.

Tested with AnyDVD yet?

The tutorials and info in the CD and CDC Copy Protection thread on this site have lots of useful info for getting started with copy protection issues.
Good luck :slight_smile:

Will these CD’s play in a car or stand-alone CD player? I’m wondering if you have a bad &/or dirty discs.

I will try the any dvd trial program and see how it works. Thanks for all your help.

Also you can try and use RipIt4Me is a free protection removal software.

Dear users. I recently installed any dvd after the advise given above. I put in a sony BGM digitally copy protected cd and the following message apeared: "FOUND AND REMOVED ADDITIONAL SESSION(S) FROM DISC. However, when I copied the disc to a blank only half the tracks would play. So I did another copy and the same result.I went to Nero DISC INFO on the original cd and the track before last had a sign saying “SESSION IS OPEN.” As I thought any dvd had removed the additional sessions, I copied the disc on Nero as "cd copy and “no multissesion”. What is going on? What am I doing wrong? This was the first digitally copy protected disc I tried to copy.Is this the standard of what to expect when doing other discs with the same protection? Please, can anybody help?