CD Diagnostic Software for Mac?


We’ll, newbie here with a question that I have been unable to find info on (yes - I’ve searched). :wink:

I’m looking for CD Diagnostic software for a Mac (OS X). I need to check a master CD for BLUR errors (C1, C2, etc.) and do a surface scan before I send it off to be replicated at a duplication plant.

Is there any Mac software that does this (preferably freeware/shareware/cheapware)???

I also tried diagnostic software on my cheap-o PC (CDspeed and Kprobe), but neither seems to work with my drive. So, I’m looking for a Mac solution.

Any advice or tips?

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the forum… :slight_smile:

However one tip is not to cross-post the same question to other areas of the forum. Your other thread will be closed ASAP.