CD dealers struck by fuel crisis

I just posted the article CD dealers struck by fuel crisis….

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Im sure most of u have heard about the current fuel crisis goin on in the UK at the mo, but for those of you that havent heres the deal: Basically loads of poeple…

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Yeah this fuel crisis is a real arse
Had to walk to the friggin’ supermarket today and carry back shit loads of shopping by hand, its only about 2/3 feckin miles!

sorry i know this aint got much to do with CD Freaks

Agreed, we really need to go farmer hunting!

Be happy there is still shopping stuff available at the supermarket .

no we need to go tony b hunting!!!

This give me a idea.
Why dont we all go out,take our cd burners with us and lay down on the streets.
Then we will demand that we wil keep Napster.
hi hi hi

Bunch of bloody whiners!We here in DK went through a strike that lasted three weeks and EVERYTHING disapeared from the shelves…
Had to start eating Brits…

Damned, I never thought that this day would come. Even the trucks with illegal cd’s are getting stuck. Whatever, then we have to wait a few more days until we get our cd’s, that doesn’t matter to me, as long as I get them, I am happy!
Greetz Sluis

Hey Blood_lust you forgot thats what the Brits are best at, moaning

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Hey HeLLFiSH - Us Brits don’t whine. We just kick your poncy asses
Not one brit whined about this whole thing we just loved it!!!

U need to get kicked somewhere. RIght to some freaky area 51 so the goverment can do experiments on your sorry ass!!

wonder if you can sell counterfeit petrol…

Well I am from somewhere in the UK, and I hope someone higher up, will give Tony Blair a big fucking kick up his sorry ass, and boot him out. Why should us Brits pay more for petrol than any other country in the world? We pay too many taxes on everything else. The poor man is the loser :frowning:

That’s why I gotted all my cd’s so late :mad:


yeah…but do not only blame the goverment for this shit, blame also the ones who are causing al those traffic jams !! they’re not getting anywhere with this stupid actions…the only thing they achive is that the normal people who have to go to there work (cause they need the money) wich also suffer under these high gass prisess are the real victims ! Why cant they do actions that only affect the goverment ? idiots :-(((

just cause the fuel prices are high here it doesent mean that all taxes are high. we dont pay £10 per drive on mway as in france and we dont pay 26% income tax we pay 22% (that makes about £3000 per yr dif for my family). also unlike the US we don’t pay for medical care we have a health service - though its bad its getting better slowly. I know that fuel prices are too high but that is mainly because of the opec thing - i guarantee that they have peaked. I predict at least 5p off at the next budget. The tories wouldnt have done any better and in fact it was their policy ‘fuel duty escalator’ that means we pay such high prices now. Give Blair a chance!!


This is the way…
what else is there to do?

Close down donut shops and throw pies at 'em??

^^^that was a reaction on Error…

Hey Nila if you looked at the top post you would infact realise im British, DUH!

The government now have 60 days 2 act or the blockades will return…