CD-Dealers charged for selling copies to police

I just posted the article CD-Dealers charged for selling copies to police….

The directors of a bust Hampshire dealership have been charged with supplying counterfeit software to more than half of the UK’s police forces.

The three directors of Protocol Systems,…

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the UK rox :slight_smile: lol

the Uk had a great time playing the illigal games i bet … illigal rulez :7

And where is the BSA now!!! I’ll bet they are terrified of the cops… :8

This is sick! :r The police who are trying to catch the people selling illegal CD’s are using them themselves… The people who are policing the police are using illegal copies as well and if for one minute you think that people from the BSA are not using illegal copies (at home) then you need your head chopped off… Fact is that CD burners are more popular then ever and the price of blank CDR’s is at its cheapest… That combined with almost 1/3 of the world with PC’s at home, the ever growing prices on software and availability of the software on the internet for download makes for alot of illegal copies of software floating around… :d And to think that there excuse for high prices on software and music CD’s is because people are making illegal copies is rediculous… The real reason is that they spend so much money on protecting the CD’s and paying the BSA which doesnt do much (but seems like an answer to the problem) all the money for so called results… See, now Im mad! :frowning: