Cd data won't burn to dvd

when i attempt to backup a cd (data) disc and burn to a dvd nero 7 will not allow it, it only wants to write to the same media cd to cd or dvd to dvd. is there a way to write data from a cd to a dvd

Try to copy data on HDD first :slight_smile:

ok that worked, but when i put the burned dvd into the drive it does not open with a install setup screen, i have to go into explorer and run the program there is no option for install

Are you referring to autorun maybe? Believe me, it is safer to keep autorun disabled :iagree:

i would rather have autorun working, when i put the original disc in it opens with a setup window, when i put the copied disc in it only wants to run from the disc, and i can’t find the install file

Autorun is dangerous, because it is like an open door for malware and other ugly stuff :frowning:

plus, there’s probably still an autorun file. you just need to go onto the disc and find it and open it.