CD Data Rescue

top article on the cd recovery - i’ve got an old cd full of games which has long been given up on, so thought i’d dust it down and try some of the progs. no luck with any of them though, and i’m not paying for a company to recover a bunch of zip files - why not just walk into your local police station with your computer and say “please arrest me” :wink:

trial of CDDR looked quite cool though but limited to only 2mb files :frowning: neone out there use this prog and is it worth it? or any cracks/serials out there (usual suspects haven’t been up to much on this one)


Don’t know which ver you’re trying out, but CDDR v1.0 build 0612, and build 3032 cracks are available - try Astalavista. Problem with ver 1.0 is that it doesn’t do much with packet written files. However, v1.1 build 1609 does. Demo version only allows max 10 files, max size 50k, so I’d be grateful if anyone out there has serial/crack/patch for v1.1 or knows where I can download full version. CDDR appears to be the only util that will recover my corrupt CD-RW - nothing else lists the files!