CD DAE and c2

Can anyone please provide me with the registry setting necessary to enable c2 correction in (Nero’s) CD DAE? I want to play around with some programmes …

C2 correction is not recommended. It is rarely properly implemented in CD drives.

It’s best to rip without C2 correction, in a good “secure” ripper such as CDex or EAC.

In response to the actual question, sorry but I don’t know the way. In fact there probably is none. I imagine it would be more complex than just enabling a registry setting.

Well, I’m sure it was only the registry, but I’ve forgotten the parameter. :slight_smile: I had quite good results with the plextor drive at the time and wanted to test again :-D. I know the plextools are probably the best way because of their excellent hardware support, but sometimes people have too much time ;-).

if u have a plextor , then enable c2 correction in eac
extract audio faster and is better in scratched cds.
C2 is the only reason to buy a plex in my opinion.

Well, the best thing to use for high speed and secure error correction is the PlexTools. They have saved me cd’s EAC couldn’t read, even with c2 enabled.
But as I said, it is of no greater importance than playing around with software :-).